Palleon December 2023 Summary – What’s new?

Palleon December 2023 Summary – What’s new?

We made a couple of updates on December 2023 which are packed with exciting new features and enhancements, including brand new Apps panel, updated shapes panel, multi-color SVG support and more..

Palleon Apps

Starting from V3.5, we created a brand new section with 7 useful tools. We planned to release more applications in 2024. Continue to follow us!

1) QR Code Generator

QR stands for “Quick Response”. It’s a type of two-dimensional barcode that can be read quickly and easily by a digital device, like a smartphone or tablet. It stores information in a series squares arranged in a grid pattern.

How do QR codes work?

  • Data is encoded into the QR code pattern.
  • A device with a camera scans the code.
  • A QR code reader app on the device decodes the pattern.
  • The decoded information is displayed to the user.

What kind of information can QR codes store?

  • Website URLs
  • Contact information
  • Text messages
  • Product information
  • Wi-Fi network credentials
  • Payment information
  • Digital tickets
  • And much more!

How are QR codes used?

  • Marketing and advertising: To direct customers to websites, promotional offers, or product information.
  • Product tracking: To track products through the supply chain.
  • Mobile payments: To make payments at stores and restaurants.
  • Ticketing: To access digital tickets for events or transportation.
  • Contact tracing: To help track the spread of infectious diseases.
  • And many other applications!

How to scan a QR code:

  1. Open a QR code reader app on your device.
  2. Point the device’s camera at the QR code.
  3. The app will automatically scan and decode the code.
  4. The information will be displayed on your device’s screen.

QR codes are a convenient and versatile way to store and access information quickly and easily. They are becoming increasingly popular in a wide range of applications.

You can easily create and customize qr codes with the Palleon QR code app.

2) Barcode Generator

Barcodes are essentially a form of coded language. Each bar and space represents a specific binary digit, either a 0 or a 1. When a barcode scanner passes over the code, it reads the pattern of light and dark and translates it back into the original data. This data can then be used for a variety of purposes, such as tracking inventory, processing sales, and controlling access.

You can read our blog post for more information…

You can easily create and customize barcodes with the Palleon barcode code app.

3) Triangle Art

This tool is perfect for creating amazing colorful backgrounds in just a few clicks. You can select from 27 of beautiful color schemes and create a png image of any size you want.

4) Brands

With this app you can browse more than 3000 SVG logo icons of leading companies and organizations worldwide. Logos are created with the official brand color. You can edit the color after adding it to the image editor.

5) Country Flags

With this application, you can access all country flags in SVG format. All colors on the flags are editable. Square versions of the flags are also available.

6) Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin’s popularity can be attributed to a confluence of factors, some appealing to investors, others attracting users seeking alternative financial systems. But the truth is that it will continue to be popular in the future. There are many other cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin.

If you love writing about cryptocurrencies, you will love this app since it allows you to find SVG file of any cryptocurrency in no time!

7) Multiavatar

Multiavatar is a multicultural avatar generator which represents people from multiple races, multiple cultures, multiple age groups, multiple worldviews and walks of life. In total, it is possible to generate 12,230,590,464 (12 billion) cryptographically unique avatars. It means that there are more than enough unique avatars for every person in the world 🙂

New Shapes Panel

The shapes are perfect for creating simple yet professional designs. We redesigned the Shapes panel and added more than 130 beautiful shapes.

We will continue to update Palleon and add new features in 2024. Stay tuned in 2024. Happy new year!

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