Monetize Your Site With Palleon

Monetize Your Site With Palleon

Palleon WordPress Image Editor offers several monetization options for your website. Here are some of the ways you can monetize your site with Palleon;

1) Integrate With Membership Plugins

Palleon is compatible with popular membership plugins like Paid Memberships Pro, Simple Membership, and Restrict Content Pro. You can restrict access to the image editor or premium features, such as PRO templates or ad-free usage, to specific membership levels. This allows you to create a tiered membership system where users pay for access to premium features of the image editor.




WordPress Media Library Access
PRO Templates
Pexels (Stock Images)
Pixabay (Stock Images)
Iconfinder (Vector Icons)
Imgur Image Hosting (Add-on)
AI Image Generator (Add-on)
Saving Templates
User Favorites
Saving User Preferences
Ad-Free Usage (Banner Ads)
We regularly update Palleon to fix compatibility issues and add new features. Stay tuned for new features to come!

Showcase Your Templates With Calumma Addon

Calumma add-on allows you to showcase your Palleon templates and free stock images on any page created with Elementor page builder. This will help you create the perfect landing page to promote the image editor.

Don’t Want To Allow Users To Access Your Media Library? is a popular image hosting and sharing platform where users can upload, share, and view images, GIFs, memes, and videos. Furcifer is a Palleon addon which allows your users to access their Imgur accounts directly from the Palleon WordPress Image Editor. Since Imgur is a free image hosting platform, you can use it to store images of you and your users without worrying about server fees!

2) Integrate With WooCommerce

a) Sell Templates

Create and sell premium templates for Palleon. These templates can include unique designs, elements, and assets that users can utilize to enhance their image editing experience. You can sell these templates individually or as part of a bundle.

Selling downloadable files with WooCommerce is a straightforward process that involves configuring product settings and uploading the files you want to sell. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Configure Downloadable Product Settings:

a. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Downloadable Products.

b. Select a File Download Method from the dropdown. “Force Downloads” is recommended for security.

c. Set the Download Restriction setting to your preference. This controls how many times a customer can download the file.

d. Configure the Download Expiry setting if you want to limit the download period.

2. Create a Downloadable Product:

a. Go to Products > Add Product.

b. Enter the product name, description, and other relevant details.

c. Under Product Data, check the boxes for “Virtual” and “Downloadable.”

d. Scroll down to the “Downloadable files” section.

e. Click “Add file” and enter the file name.

f. Upload the file or enter the downloadable URL if it’s hosted elsewhere.

g. Repeat steps e and f for additional files if needed.

h. Set the download limit for each file if desired.

i. Click “Publish” to make the product available for purchase.

Once you’ve completed these steps, customers will be able to purchase and download the files from your WooCommerce store. Click here to learn more…

agama woocommerce product designer

b) Sell Print On Demand Products With Agama Addon

Agama product designer for WooCommerce allows you to sell any kind of customizable, print on demand product (t-shirt, hoodie, caps, mug, bag, sticker, poster etc.) on your WooCommerce store with ease!

ai image generator for wordpress

c) Sell AI Credits

Antimena add-on integrates and ClipDrop (by API’s to Palleon. Stable Diffusion is a powerful tool that can be used to create stunning images. Antimena AI Image Generator comes with handy AI tools which allow you to generate, save, download and edit AI images right from Palleon interface.

To sell a certain amount of credits, simply create a new product. You can also add bonus credits to your existing products to boost up your sales. Alternatively, you can give free credits to new users after they complete the registration process. This will help you continually grow your user list.

Admins can manually edit users’ credits. You can also setup which process cost how many credits and you can choose which user roles are allowed to use AI tools without credits from the plugin settings.

The ultimate Image Editor

Our library keeps growing and new features are coming. Order now and add a feature-rich image editor to your WordPress site or integrate it to your custom project.

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